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Children from Hurworth Primary School have received a special thank you video from a Chinese school after their creative myths were received by Middle School students.

As part of their learning about the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China, the children developed their very own Chinese myths which were sent over to Pengze No. 1 Middle School in Pengze County, South-East China.

Alison Maddison, Head of School at Hurworth Primary School, said: “We were delighted that our year six children got to test out their stories on a real audience and would like to say thank you to Mrs Passman’s son, who is currently taking a gap year to teach English in China, for making this happen.”

The children spent time reading a selection of Chinese myths to find out more about the country’s folk lore and culture. They then identified the structure and main features of the myths in order to create their own.

Mrs Maddison continued: “A selection of the children’s myths were chosen to email over to China and they were all extremely excited when the Chinese students replied with a video to say thank you and how much they enjoyed reading their work.”

“We hope to continue building links with the Chinese students over the course of the year.”

The learning techniques used for this particular project not only expanded the children’s understanding of different cultures, but also gave them the opportunity to develop their creative writing skills in a fun, engaging way.

The video from Pengze No. 1 Middle School can be viewed here:

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