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What we offer

How Lingfield Education Trust could support your school

We believe that every young person can succeed with the right amount of support. This vision is underpinned with a holistic approach to each child’s development by engaging and working with the family, the local community, agencies and highly experienced education professionals.

To assist our schools on their journey to becoming outstanding, our trust will provide a range of core services and support for your school.


School Improvement

  • An educational advisor for each academy to provide personalised support to meet your school improvement needs
  • An annual review to monitor and plan progress
  • Access to a range of school improvement consultants and services
  • Supporting leadership development and succession planning
  • Access to CPD programmes through our links with universities and training providers
  • Opportunities for Headteachers, Principals and other Leaders to share good practice and support each other
  • Effective performance management processes & highly effective tracking of pupil progress
  • Developmental peer-based CPD programmes
  • Access to latest research and policy updates including those relating to Ofsted
  • Dedicated Trust-wide lead professional on Teaching & Learning
  • Our own accredited Specialist Leaders of Education for Early Years, Literacy and Key Stage 2


Engaging with the local community

  • Parental engagement service through partnership with North East Wellbeing
  • Support in accessing additional funding for student enrichment programmes
  • Assistance in developing extra-curricular or enrichment activities to engage the community and support students outside of school hours
  • Support for reaching out to parents and stakeholders inside and outside the catchment 


Running the school within legal, financial and statutory requirements

  • Annual financial and governance audits
  • Access to central procurement opportunities
  • Support, advice and training for governors
  • Financial support and advice
  • Access to strategic HR and legal advice for the academy executive leadership team
  • Support for capital building programmes in bidding for additional funds and facilities management
  • ICT support


Getting the most out of Lingfield Education Trust’s network of schools

  • Termly opportunities for Headteachers, Principals, Heads of School, Business Managers, Chairs of Governors to meet and share good practice
  • Opportunities for Lingfield Education Trust schools to collaborate and share practice
  • Opportunities for pupils in our trust to meet other pupils to work on collaborative curriculum projects and wider activities