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Our family of schools proudly serve the North East community and are dedicated to putting children at the heart of everything we do. We have a framework of key values, principles and objectives which unite all of our schools

Cambrai Primary School

Cambrai – Serving the Catterick Garrison community, Cambrai is a newly refurbished building with extensive grounds and state of the art ICT facilities where “good people” will do “great things”. The school has achieved great outcomes for its children in the short time it has been open

Head of School: Laura Robinson
Executive Headteacher: Mark Dent
Email: office@cambraiprimaryschool.co.uk
Call: 01748 503 130

Captain Cook Primary School

Captain Cook Primary School – Situated in Marton, the school it is at the heart of the local community. It strives to create a happy, friendly and hardworking school where every child is encouraged and supported to be the very best they can be both socially and academically. The team are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for all pupils.

Head Teacher: Mrs Amy ​Young
Email: ckcaptaincook@mcschools.org.uk
Call: 01642 315 254

Corporation Road Community Primary School

Corporation Road – Situated at the heart of Darlington, Corporation Road serves a wonderfully vibrant and diverse community, the school has transformed in recent years and ensures children achieve great outcomes. Educating children from 3 – 11 the school prides itself on “growing children & building communities”

Headteacher: Mr. M Dipple
Email: admin@corporationroad.darlington.sch.uk
Call: 01325 244 940

Handale Primary School

Handale Primary School is based in Loftus and is a newly built school with wonderful grounds, it has state of the art facilities and resources. It provides places for children from 2 – 11 and is dedicated to “learning and caring together” in a warm and caring community to achieve the best outcomes for all its pupils. Handale is a successful school judged as Good by Ofsted

Head: Mrs. N. Padgett
Email: office@handale.rac.sch.uk
Call: 01287 640416

Heathfield Primary School

Heathfield Primary School – Imagine – Believe – Achieve

Heathfield is a large primary school within Darlington with extensive facilities including nursery provision and a resource base for pupils with cognitive and learning difficulties, as well as a nurture provision. All staff are committed to provide a stimulating and respectful environment and for children to achieve their best, which was reflected in their good judgement from Ofsted.

Acting Head teacher: Mr P Kirby-Bowstead
Email: admin@heathfieldprimary.com
Call: 01325 252 144

Hemlington Hall Academy

Hemlington Hall – is a “good school” situated on the outskirts of Middlesbrough and prides itself on being an inclusive establishment with 3 High Needs Base Provisions, encouraging all children to become lifelong learners. The hard work and dedication of its staff were recognised in their “good” judgement from Ofsted.​

Headteacher: Mrs. K. Edmenson
Email: admin@hemlingtonhallacademy.co.uk
Call: 01642 591 171

Hurworth Primary School

Hurworth Primary is at the heart of the community of Hurworth Village and prides itself on being a family which develops the child’s character through positive relationships and attitudes to learning, resilience, kindness and humility. The school continues to achieve a high level of performance with the latest Ofsted confirming the school’s high outcomes and aspirations

Headteacher: Mrs. A. Maddison
Email: admin@hurworthprimary.com
Call: 01325 720 028

Lingfield Primary School

Lingfield Primary School provides the very best learning opportunities for their pupils. The school offers stimulating learning experiences and works in close partnership with parents. All pupils can grow and thrive, enabling them to look forward with confidence and reassurance that they have done the very best they can whilst with the school.

Head Teacher: Mr P. Thackstone
Email: lingfieldprimary@mcschools.org.uk
Call: 01642 319 918

Marton Manor Primary School

Also serving the community of Marton, the school strives to develop the whole child and instil a lifelong love of learning through a rich, engaging curriculum. Marton Manor develops conscientious, respectful attitudes in today’s diverse society. The school encourages effective, positive partnership working with families and the community.

Head Teacher: Mrs Lucy Rehbohm
Email: martonmanor@martonmanorprimary.co.uk
Call: 01642 285 001

Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Pleasant Primary strives to ensure all their children develop to be “good citizens” who go on to do “great things”. The dedicated staff believe in “learning for Life” and embrace core values in bravery, kindness and resilience. The school has a SEND base as well as providing nursery provision for children from 2 years old. The school continues to be a successful school, judged to be “good” with outstanding aspects for pupil behaviour and Leadership & Management by Ofsted.

Executive Head: Mrs. R. Pavey
Head of School: Mrs. J. Blackham
Email: admin@mountpleasant.darlington.sch.uk
Call: 01325 244 950

Northwood Primary School

Northwood is an exciting and vibrant school which embraces a new and dynamic learning environment fully utilising the large and inviting leafy green site. Northwood has a diverse population and understand the uniqueness of every child, supporting both child and their family for life beyond school, at Northwood they “grow success”

Executive Headteacher: Mrs. Z. Beach
Head of School: Mrs S. Wassell
Email: admin@northwoodprimary.org.uk
Call: 01325 267 222

Preston Primary School

Preston – serving the Stockton-on-Tees community Preston Primary is a “good school” achieving great outcomes for its pupils. The school supports children with visual and hearing impairments in their base and provides a fully inclusive environment for every pupil

Executive Headteacher: Sue Richardson
Head of School: Paul Sanderson
Email: ppenquiries@prestonprimary.co.uk
Call: 01642 784 735

The Avenue Primary School

The Avenue is a busy and friendly family school in Middlesbrough, buzzing with exciting and stimulating learning opportunities. The school prides itself on providing a caring and friendly environment. Every child is encouraged to be successful and have high expectations of themselves both academically and socially and to have an understanding of the contribution that they can make to the school and the wider community.

Head of School: Mr James Hunter
Email: avenueprimary@mcschools.org.uk
Call: 01642 318 510

Vane Road Primary School

Vane Road is at the heart of the community in Newton Aycliffe and is a newly built school. Vane Road focuses on developing the ‘whole child’ through respect, resilience, kindness, inclusivity and ambition. It sits in close proximity to its partner school, Woodham Burn, creating a real sense of community across both schools.

Head of School: Mrs Gemma Sim
Executive Headteacher: Kieran Pavey
Email: vaneroad@durhamlearning.net
Call: 01325 300 380

Woodham Burn Primary School

Woodham Burn is an exciting and vibrant school in Newton Aycliffe which puts children at the heart of everything they do and at the centre of all learning. There is a sense of community through its connection to our nearby school, Vane Road, making sure our learners are ready to be active, responsible citizens as they go out into their local community.

Head of School: Mr Damian Sparrow
Executive Headteacher: Kieran Pavey
Email: woodhamburn@durhamlearning.net
Call: 01325 300 230

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