Vision and Values

Lingfield Education Trust’s vision is to be a highly successful family of primary schools where children are supported educationally, socially and emotionally so that they achieve academic excellence; achieving their highest possible potential in school and in life.

We focus on making the biggest difference to the whole child through the teamwork of our dedicated staff and our strong partnerships with the local community. 

We are determined to be an employer of choice and seek to retain and develop talent across our network. 

At Lingfield Trust we do not operate a one size fits all approach. Instead we have a framework of key values, principles and objectives which unite all of our schools. Collaboration and networks create enabling environments to share ideas and practices to ensure the best outcomes for all our pupils.  The schools within our hubs will have a collective ambition to support and challenge each other ensuring a consistent drive to improve and add value to pupil outcomes. Our hubs will facilitate the sharing of data, excellent practice, and support the delivery of the Trust’s key values.

Our Values

We are…

Inclusive – we value diversity;
Collaborative – we are stronger together;
Compassionate – we see kindness as a strength;
Fair – we are honest and act with integrity;
Dedicated – we work hard to make childrens’ lives better


5 concepts that underpin the way we work:

Ganging up on the problem, not each other;
Remembering everyone can be facing a hard battle;
Believing that one size does not fit all;
With ‘high challenge’ there should be ‘high hold’;
The most vulnerable deserve the best.

About us

The key to our success comes from a very simple principle. We have cultivated a purposeful culture for improvement that is neither too tightly controlled nor too loose. We ‘gang up on the problem, not each other’; in this way we operate as a strong collaborative network whilst also ensuring clear and meaningful lines of accountability. In essence, over the 10 years that we have been in existence we have learnt to operate as a hierarchy and a network.

Leaders at all levels in our trust are committed to ensuring high quality organisational routines and developing highly effective enabling routines.

We believe and know that school leaders thrive in an enabling environment. Leaders who create these enabling environments for their staff, in turn create them for our pupils. This is how we sustain improvements in all of our schools.

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